WordPress essential plugins and themes for a new blog/website

WordPress essential plugins and themes for a new WordPress blog/website  for somebody who is low-tech, has a low budget and little know how!

WordPress essential plugins

 WordPress Essential plugins are third party tools that extend the WordPress basic functionality! Essential WordPress plugins are, subscription, Analytics, and contact form plugins.
Let’s get down to the  most essential WordPress tools to get you started!

First, you need a WordPress subscription plugin.

Subscriptio plugin for your blog/website visitors who subscribe to your blog.
WP Subscribe, MailChimp, and Email Subscribers & Newsletters are simple but powerful WordPress subscription plugins that will boost the lists of subscribers to your blog. Help you keep in touch with your visitors and send them a mail every time you publish a new post.

Second, you need a WordPress Analytics plugin.

Analytics plugins will help you track your blog’s/website performance. You will see the bouncing rate of your website visitors. How it’s performing? What is working and what it isn’t? What drives traffic to your website!
Google Analytics or WordPress.com Stats are both free WordPress Analytics plugins.
However, Google Analytics has more extensive and accurate metrics.

Third, you need a WordPress contact form plugin.

Contact form plugin is an essential WordPress plugin, and with thousands of Contact Form Plugins for WordPress out there, can be hard to decide which one to use.
WPForms, Gravity Forms, and Contact Form 7 are the tops of WordPress contact form plugins available for you.

And last, you need a modern and stylish WordPress theme.

WordPress themes photography, WordPress themes business, WordPress theme portfolio, WordPress theme for a “mommy blog”, or just a basic lifestyle blog, you must have one.  A premium WordPress theme, with documentation, regular updates, and possibly responsive WordPress theme, is the one you need!
A premium WordPress theme usually is well-documented, easy to install, has theme support which you much need it!
Head over to ThemeForest and choose from thousand’s of Premium WordPress themes.
For $20 – $60 dollars you can have a modern WordPress theme, with regular apdates, support, and documentations.

What WordPress essential plugins and themes would I say are WordPress “must-have’s” as a good foundation for a new WordPress blog/website for somebody who is low-tech (for now), and can only invest just a little to start? WordPress isn’t exactly the friendliest blog platform for beginners, getting up and running can be a hassle for many people. With so many Essential WordPress plugins and themes, can be frustrating!

I have put my own list here, but I’m curious to know what other suggestions you have (and it may come up in future posts of mine, so I will credit if possible as well).

Search engine optimization WordPress 10 tips to improve SEO

Looking to improve Search engine optimization for your WordPress blog or website? Let me give you some SEO tips for Search engine optimization WordPress. WordPress is SEO friendly but by no means is WordPress search engine optimized! You have to do SEO job yourself.

Search engine optimization WordPress tutorial and SEO tips.

A beginner SEO tutorial for WordPress that I hope will help you get more quality organic traffic to your WordPress website.

Optimize your content for people, not for search engines!

Search engine optimization WordPress content: Think for who you’re writing for? Is the search engines you want to understand your content or the people who are reading it? Write quality content and simple to understand! Keep in mind that your readers are there to learn things they don’t know! That’s why they came there in the first place! Make your content easy to follow and share!

Create quality content, focus on your goals and on the intent!

Search engine optimization quality content: Create quality content, include trustworthy sources to back up your expertise. Don’t be afraid to refer to other sources. Is it a tutorial, a memory you want to share or simply your expertise on a subject? Make it easy to understand and follow. Focus on your expertise.

Posts more frequently, blogging is the most effective way to increase your organic traffic!

Search engine optimization WordPress frequent updates: Blogging the topics you are an expert on will bring you more organic traffic!Your activity will make a Search engine optimization WordPress stand out! Write more frequently let say two to three blog post every week. Will Increase search engines index rate on your website so will your keywords quantity increase as well!

Use long tail keywords, keywords that are more specific to your product or service!

Search engine optimization WordPress long tail keywords: Predict what phrase or word combination the people will use when they are looking for something specific! Long tail keywords are keywords and phrase that has at least three or four words on it! Long tail keywords are used when someone is looking for something specific!

Work with WordPress meta tags, use an SEO plugin!

Search engine optimization WordPress meta tags: Every page every post must have a focus keyword. Here you must be very careful when you chose as focus keyword is the keyword that you want your page to rank on search engines! The easy way to do this using an SEO plugin! Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin is what we use on this site!

Get incoming links from other trustworthy sites!

Search engine optimization WordPress incoming links: Well this might be the hardest part but you will get noticed with time! Start by building your profile and groom it by being active on social networks and other places where you can show your expertise. Simply get noticed build a trust in your persona!

Build outbound links, link to other people’s sites and blogs!

Search engine optimization WordPress outbound links: Put your skills to the test and include outbound links! Link to other people’s sites and blogs, refer to other sources that are talking about the same topic! Referring is a good way to get incoming links as well! You can’t expect other websites to link to you if you don’t build outbound links to them!

Use internal links, guide visitors to more relevant content in your site.

Search engine optimization WordPress internal links: With Search engine optimization WordPress you want to keep the visitors longer on your website, that’s the point with it! Why show only one room when you can guide them to see all the house? Use internal linking to similar posts, this will boost similar content on your site. Once you made backside catalog make sure is linked and can be accessed through referring links in your content! Search engine optimization WordPress means that all the content is optimized and accessible by the visitor!

Use social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Search engine optimization WordPress social media networks: Be participant on social media networks, groom your professional profile! Social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Will help you spread your content faster and get more frequent followers. Is up to you to make a Search engine optimization WordPress plan to follow and succeed!

Keyword selection and optimization strategies!

Search engine optimization WordPress keyword strategies: There are countless of scientific studies on search engine optimization techniques you can implement in your Search engine optimization WordPress strategy! Learn what keywords drives traffic to your website and grow from there. Study statistics and choose the right keywords for your content!

A simple search engine optimization WordPress tutorial! By no means will this tutorial get your ranking on the first page of google! But is a good place to start for you. After do your own checklist with for a tailored search engine optimization WordPress plan on your own WordPress website or blog!

Want to know how Improve blog search engine ranking?

WordPress SSL version 2017! Is your hosting SSL activated?

Are you ready for the new WordPress SSL versions 2017? Do you have the right hosting account?
The latest news from wordpres.org says that WordPress will only promote hosting companies that provide an SSL certificate by default. Is required in the future that you have an hosting account with SSL Crtificate Activated!
WordPress SSL version 2017 will evolve to an SSL encrypted CMS to make more secure and encrypted connections for the visitors!
This means that your visitors will have an ecrypted conection to your website. Hosting account must have SSL certificate activated!
Hosting Companies must have SSL futures with their hosting packages for the new WordPress versions 2017 to function correctly!

WordPress SSL version 2017, What it means for you?

If you are going to update self-hosted WordPress Versions in 2017 you nt have a need hosting account with SSL activated! It means that with your hosting package you will need SSL certificate to continue to make use the futures of WordPress SSL versions 2017!
SSL hosting account means that you will have to provide secure connections between your website and the visitor’s browser!
These new futures in WordPress will make it more secure for the visitors accessing your website!

Where to find a Hosting partner that offers SSL certificate WordPress SSL version 2017?

Many shared hosts offer this as a side addon in your basic package which will cost you more to get it activated. Web hosts like one.com has  already have this future included with their packages!
one.com is Europian Hosting Company based in Denmark.
It has Packages for all needs and SSL certificate is included with every package! Plus it has the right server environment for the new Updated PHP structure with WordPress SSL versions 2017, easy to use Cpanel and complete control of your web space!
My recommendation is to choose a hosting company that has SSL included and not has an addon! This means you don’t have to pay for a future that should be included in the deal!

How to make money with your blog? Stuff you should know!

How to make money with your blog? Here are some useful tips you should know before starting monetizing your blog! Learn How to carefully chose ads that perform well with your blog and will generate revenue! Makeing money with your blog pays for your time and struggles when you deliver content to your visitors!

How to make money with your blog, is that possible?

I guess you are here because you are interested in making money with your blog! So let me tell you that to make money with your blog it will not be as easy as you thought!

How to make money with your blog in your topic?

Good blog topics are hard to find, and choosing a good topic will improve your blog’s performance however good topics will also be very competitive! Let say you’re blogging about home improvements! I recommend you to choose an advertiser/affiliate program which is in home improvement business! Only when you choose ads that are similar to your blog topic will perform well!

How to actually make money with your blog?

You’re going to write about home improvements, you know how to make improvements to your house, and you want to share your all that you know with your blog’s followers!

The thing is that when you talk about home improvements, and you explain the things you know! You are referring your visitors to the tools they need to do the stuff that you do at your home!
This process is called Leading! You’re automatically generating leads for a business which have the tools they need, and in the process your making money with your blog by generating leads for the business in your topic!
It is important to lead your visitors to serious businesses!

How to find advertisers for your blog?

There are a lot of affiliating programs which you can choose from for making money with your blog! Some are good and some are very bad and untrustable! I use Google Adsense which have target ads that perform well with my blog! My recommendation is to choose only safe businesses and affiliate programs that can be trusted! A well-known business with the good reputation is the safest way to lead your, visitors!

Focus on your blogging and your readers, and less on Advertisers!

It is your visitors that will generate the leads you need to generate that will bring you revenue! You have to understand that you are a Blogger. Your Visitors are more interested in your articles than the ads you put on them! Most of the people find ads annoying and are there to read your blog posts. Make your blog userfriendly at first hand!

My final thoughts on making money with your blog are! As a blogger, you write for fun, you write because you love it, you want to share your thoughts, the stuff you know! Focus on blogging and everything else will be easy to understand!

Leave a comment below, I would love to know what you think about?

Improve your blog search engine ranking basics of SEO tutorial for blogs and websites

Improve your blog search engine ranking. Tips on how to improve your blogs ranking on google. Bloggers are creative, intuitive, and impress people with their writing. I am an SEO analyst, and I wish could be a blogger myself.
However, i want to tell you. How you can boost Your Blog’s SEO rankings on Google, and improve your blog search ranking. SEO improves when visitors stay longer, view more pages…

Improve blog search engine ranking, get more organic search traffic.

For this to work, we need a basic knowledge of SEO to Improve blog search engine ranking. We need to understand how competitors to our blog are doing and study search trends. Then we can go on promoting your blog and boost your blog’s search engine rankings! More on SEO read this post.

Social media research, engaging, and self-promoting

How can social media Improve blog search engine ranking? Let’s start by researching the topics, and understanding our audience. For this, we will need social media where we can learn which topics people are interested in! Then we can engage with them based on their likings! This we can learn easy by carefully watching what our friends are sharing on social media, what are they talking about?

Can we answer them with our next blog post?

Social engaging, Headline quality, Engagement and impression scores

Headline quality can Improve blog search engine ranking. Let’s take you for example! Where you going to click on link somebody had published on Facebook, If that was not engaging? When you write a post title there 3 things you must take on consideration! Headline quality, Engagement and impression scores! You can find tools which can analyze your headlines, and help you write a good engaging headline!

Build your identity online, your own web space online, make people trust in you

Improve blog search engine ranking with your identity online. Your identity online is the most important thing! If people are going to follow you, they need to know who you are! Not personally but professionally! Ask yourself! Where are you going to follow your blog? We build an identity with a good domain name, which describes our topic! A good reliable hosting with free band bred and acceptable uptime, where your blog is accessible at any time!
Explain to your followers your intention, give them a piece of yourself, and make it easy for them to like you!

Collaborate, be part of groups on social media who share common interest with you

Participating on social media networks can Improve blog search engine ranking. Social media is a school there you can learn stuff, you don’t find anywhere else! Be part of groups on facebook who share a common interest with you, and learn from them, see if there is a chance you can work with what you learn! Find a way to link to other people blogs and have them link back to you! The more referred incoming and outgoing links you have to your blog, the better your ranking will be! Search engines like linking!

Finally, prepare your blog post for the search engines, study the search trends, make it search engine friendly

Long-tailed keywords can How social media can Improve blog search engine ranking. Let’s look up some trends on our post title and see what people are searching on google! Before you start writing your next blog post, get over to Google trends and search the topic you are going to write about! Study the trends and after chose a focus keyword based on the search trends! We don’t need a high search value on that keyword, as the competition will be huge! We need an average one, which is going up! Then include that focusing keyword on five important places in your post, title, URL, headline, subtitle and post images alt tags!

Do this for each post you write, you will witness the magic, and leave me a comment below.