Blog SEO: Best practices for blogging SEO optimization 2017.

Blog, SEO optimization tutorial for blogging beginners. Read this 5 minutes long tutorial to improve your SEO optimization of your Blog. Learn, how to get Google rank your blog post higher, then your competitors. Use high competitive keywords and adjust them to match search phrases people use when search. This SEO tutorial will help you understand the basics of Blog SEO optimizing.

  • How to find the right focus keywords for your blog post.
  • The critical SEO areas of your blog post.
  • How to correctly optimize your blog post.

For this Blog SEO tutorial, I am taking as an example a Home cooking blog. This “Home cooking blog” has made a list of food recipes for 2017. On the image below we see the search trends for this recipe, the volume and the competition of the keyword which we want to rank on Google.

Blog SEO: keyword research for your new article?

We have to find out the trends “organic search volumes” for our new blog post.  We do this to have an idea of how search engines are ranking similar content to what we are about to publish. The metrics will give us a clear picture of the search volumes and which Focus keywords our competitors are using.  While there are countless of tools to help you do this research, I recommend Google Trends or Google Adwords Keyword tool. Both of them are free to use, and Google has up to date data which can be useful to us!

Blog seo 2017

In Google Trends we are going to search for organic search volumes on 2017 for the keyword “recipe.” Google Trends data is huge! What you want, is to scroll down below to the keywords section, and pick the top 5 keywords, under the keyword “recipe.”

Blog seo keyword 2017

In Google search, we are going to find out who is ranking for this keywords and with what content are they ranking. The top 10 results on Google Search shows the structure of their content, helps us understand: how can we make it better to rank higher than them.
Keyword research you can also do with  Moz Pro Keyword Explorer.

blogging seo keyword research

As you may already understand now, our blog is about home cooking recipes, and our primary focus keyword is “recipe” which is a very high competitive keyword.  That is why we use a combination of a search phrase with the word recipe on it. We match the exact phrase a user will search on Google for our new blog post.

Blog SEO: The critical SEO areas of your blog.

What we want to achieve is using a combination of “cooking+recipe +2017” as our focus keyword. Our long-tail keyword phrase includes our focus keyword, which is “recipe,” cooking, and the current year. We can not possibly rank with the keyword recipe; that is why we chose to use long tail keywords instead. This keyword has to be in all critical SEO areas of the blog post, explained below.

The title of the blog post with the focus keyword.

The post title is crucial to the search engines! The title gives search engine spiders the information they need, to understand the rest of the blog post. The focus keyword should be at the very beginning of your post title.
You could form your title like this: “My top 10 best cooking recipes 2017 or Cooking recipes 2017 to achieve something. ” Just be sure the focus keyword is a part of the post title.

Blogging seo post title


The URL of the blog post, with the focus keyword.

The posts URL, which is as much important as the title of the post. The URL of your blog post has to be friendly, meaningful, and as short as possible, and has to include the focus keyword! A proper URL format looks like this: “” Here in the post URL, should only be your focus keyword, not all the blog post title, that is useless and too long!

blog seo post url


The content, with our focus keyword and variations.

A saying is that “the readers have a short attention span!” So have the search engine spiders when they index and rate your blog post! At the very beginning of our blog, we have our most important keywords. Here we have a variation of up to five different keywords which we found on our Blog SEO Research. Moreover, the content articulated around them. It has to be naturally and meaningful, don’t try anything smart like “keyword stuffing” and be careful do not overuse the keywords! You can use a particular keyword up to 10 times for a 500 words blog post, and that includes all the critical areas: The title, the post slug “URL,” Images, the intro and the content.”

Blogging seo intro


Images of the blog post, with the focus keyword.

Another vital part of your blog post are the images you put on it! Images are an excellent method of further more improving our blog SEO. That is why the blog post images have to be optimized, with alt tags and titles properly. Search engines can not see the beauty of the photo you publish; search engines understand your photo from the title and the alt tag you give to your photo! As a title and alt tag, you use the keywords we are optimizing our blog post!
One Image per post is required, three are good, and five is what you should have on each blog post, the more, the better!

Blogging seo images alt tags


H2, h3 headtags of the blog post, with the focus keyword.

Our focus keyword in H2 and H3 titles which is relevant to the paragraph below it. The article section and the images below the H2 and H3 title, include the longtail keyword and is formed around this keyword, with a variation of other longtail search phrases which we found on our blog SEO keyword research.

Blogging seo h2 h3

The links in your content are as much important.

Search engines like Google want to see outbound links in your content, linking to similar websites wich are relevant to your site. This is another method of further optimizing your blog, it also helps with link building. Include two to three links to similar blogs, just do not link to another blog with your focus keyword.

More advanced methods are used to SEO optimize your blog, this tutorial handles the basic of SEO optimization for your blog posts. Check this page for tips – seo hero!  Shortly more advanced tutorials will be published, stay tuned, subscribe and check back time to time for new blog optimizations ideas.


This blog tutorial is intended for blogging beginners. If it did help you, please leave a comment and your reviews. I am interested to know about your thoughts on blogging SEO optimization.


I’m a web developer living in Sweden. I am a fan of photography, reading, and writing. I’m also interested in fitness and web development. Shortly more advanced tutorials will be posted, stay tuned, subscribe and check back time to time for new blog optimizations ideas. Thank you for reading my blog!

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  • Sara
    februari 14, 2017 at 3:02 e m

    Awesome tips!

    februari 14, 2017 at 8:28 e m

    Very informative blog. AMAZING ???

  • Lisa
    februari 14, 2017 at 10:45 e m

    Good and informative post. I have tried several of the tips and will do a few more. Still working on good hash tags Every little bit helps I guess.

  • Dagne Goodwin
    februari 15, 2017 at 12:14 f m

    Super helpful. I’m going to work on all this. Thank you

  • AJ Money Matters
    februari 15, 2017 at 12:48 f m

    These are great tips! We’ve been using the Yoast plugin for our SEO practices, but we know there is SO much more to SEO. It’s been such a helpful too though to get started and learn about the basics to it. We’ve definitely seen a tiny bit more traffic from search engines just by employing the basics.

  • Shevy
    februari 15, 2017 at 2:06 f m

    Now that I have thoroughly read this post I finally understand why Yoast does be so annoying lol. But in a good way. Thanks for sharing. Very comprehensive and detailed.

  • Nancy
    februari 15, 2017 at 4:00 f m

    My goal is to get this SEO thing figured out! Thanks for the tips! Very helpful!

  • Deanna
    februari 15, 2017 at 4:29 f m

    Very helpful, thank you!

  • CourtneyLynne
    februari 15, 2017 at 4:04 e m

    So many great tips!!! Seo is definitely something I struggle with!

  • Author Brandi Kennedy
    februari 15, 2017 at 6:56 e m

    These are great tips, and easy to implement, too! I don’t do a lot of SEO optimization because the whole concept of it is confusing and intimidating to me – I’m a writer, not a tech. But customizing my URL and meta-data is definitely something I can work on.

  • emma white
    februari 15, 2017 at 9:11 e m

    a very easy to follow post that will hep many I am sure I have to admit it’s one of those pet hates is keyword research although I understand why SEO is so important it’s forever changing also

  • Agentizerozerosetter
    februari 15, 2017 at 9:44 e m

    I found your tips to be really useful!
    I just started my blog,so I have a lot to study!

  • Caitlin
    februari 16, 2017 at 12:26 f m

    This is a great post – definitely bookmarking it so I can return to it later. SEO is SO important, and it is really tough to wrap your head around!

  • Nadine Cathleen
    februari 18, 2017 at 1:51 e m

    And bookmarked! Love this one. Will apply from now on! Thanks 🙂

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